Recently I’ve been having a lot of interviews for employers because I’m on a search of a new job some of them quite good but others not quite. That’s why I start to think in what are the things that I like about an interview process and what I dislike. In that process I came with an idea for employees to test the skills of a new hire and also to show the candidate some of the culture of the company. It’s simple kill the Batman… in fact is simpler than that it’s just to point the candidate to do some OSS contributions to a OSS project of the company.

Why is this a good method? Well I love OSS and would love to be part of the company which embrace this also from the company perspective they will notice a lot of things from the new hire. They will find out if him/her knows how to read code and understand it, how to tackle bugs if any, how to enhance a piece of code and also will notice if he/her cares about quality code. All of this things are very important for me and I try to apply to companies that also cares about all of this. I would love to keep getting this kind of interview instead of the more traditional one which ask you how to write a Binary Sort in a white board.