What is this talk about?

This talk is about how to improve your quality of life through the following things:

  • CAR
    • Capacity
      • Time
      • Money
      • Physical
      • Mental
    • Activities
      • Fun
      • Challenging
      • Meaningful
    • Relationships
      • Family
      • Friends
      • Romantic
      • Professional

What did resonate with me about this topic?

The talk made me think in the reasons why is better for me at the moment to work remotely.

For instance I know that the cost of living on others countries will increase if I move, but I have to consider the fact that the quality of life also will increase; parting from there. I have two options:

I have to consider moving to a first world country through sponsorship or I have to move to a place in my own country where is safer for me to live and try to find a remote gig. The second option is  more viable at this moment for a few reasons:

  • The company will not have to do paper work for sponsorship (This doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t like to to do that in the future)
  • My salary will be less than a person living there 
  • I won’t have any on-side perks (Things like healthcare)
  • Personal preferences
    • I work better without distractions
    • I really don’t like to commute to work any given day (I can do it if needed,but I prefer not to)

So I think for starters it could benefits both parties to start with a remote gig and then maybe switch? Sometime in the future I would love to be able to travel the world and probably going each day to a company won’t cut it for me.

The other part of the talk which really resonate with me was finding meaningful and challenging work. I would love to be part of a team that apart from caring about what they are doing in code they care about relationships with coworkers, customers and humans in general and treat each other with respect and honesty.

Yeah, I know all this sounds utopian, but I realize that I did not write my own wishes for my job so. I am glad I found some of Ernie articles regarding jobs, interviews and  this talk which is no less than awesome.

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