What is this talk about?

  • BDD
  • Brittle tests 
  • Dev written acceptance criteria
  • Unreadable test 
  • Flickering tests 
  • Hidden complexity
  • Understands what product owner wants and how to do it 

What I’ve learned?

  • Cargo culting: using whatever is outside without understanding it 
    • When to use Gherkin
      • State diagrams for the masses
      • Given (start state)
      • When (event)
      • Then (state transaction)
    • Copy/Paste from tracker to editor
    • Living executable documentation 
  • What does make us feel pain doing BDD
    • Brittle tests: A single change in the application causes many tests to break and you have to visit all the places of the application to fix that 
      • Don’t reveal intent.
    • Create helper methods that get use accross the test suite 
      • Build your own DSL representing your language domain
  • Product owners don’t collaborate on acceptance criteria
    • It’s hard
  • Allow the product owners use their language about the business and transport that to the test suite
  • Expose the features 
    • cucumber -f html 
    • http://relishapp.com
    • wally 
  • Flickering tests 
    • Use @quarantine 
    • cucumber –tags @quarantine
  • Delete tests that are not longer providing value
  • The maintenance required to keep a test running weighs against its value in the further development
  • Don’t repeat steps process
    • Tag an step with a before hook and stub that implementation out
    • That particular implementation is already been tested in another feature/scenario
  • Stop driving things through the UI
  • Try to keep your build time down a minute
  • Find the pain 
  • Reveal intent 
  • BDD like you mean it 

What did resonate with me about this topic?

Well this was a refreshing point of view for me, just because I’ve been trying to stop testing particular pieces of an UI when I’m developing Rails applications. I think there’s a misconception in the Rails community about acceptance tests as the presenters point out in the talk, what’s is more valuable from a business point of view is the domain logic of their particular business not how exactly it’s gets display in an UI; which are those concepts? Well talking with the product owner will reveal that and will show us the way to strive to a good solution.

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