This is my series of blog posts regarding the questions that I found in some interviews that I’ve been having; I will let the reader the judge the effectiveness of this questions. My only intention with the series is to show the correct answer for the questions. Without further ado:

Which are Rails main components?

For some this questions probably could be kinda confusing; most newbies will think that the components of the Rails framework are MVC, but that’s far away from the truth just because that’s just a design pattern on which the Rails is based. The actual answer for this question is quite simple:

  • ActiveSupport is a collection of utility classes and standard library extensions that were found useful for the Rails framework. These additions reside in this package so they can be loaded as needed in Ruby projects outside of Rails.
  • ActiveRecord connects classes to relational database tables to establish an almost zero-configuration persistence layer for applications.
  • ActiveModel provides a known set of interfaces for usage in model classes.
  • ActionView is a framework for handling view template lookup and rendering, and provides view helpers that assist when building HTML forms, Atom feeds and more.
  • ActionPack is a framework for handling and responding to web requests.
  • ActionMailer Action Mailer is a framework for designing email service layers.

I have to admit that I got short on my definition for this particular question. For instance I left out ActionMailer and ActionModel. But now I know which are the main components, and hopefully somebody will learn it also.



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