This was my first Rubyconf and I’m planning not to make it the last one. It was a great experience and I suggest any one interesting in this fascinating language to go and watch. Most of the talks were great at least the ones I went to there were others that I was planning to go but due to change in the schedule for two of the speakers I did not make it.

As I said most of the talks were great and the speakers have a ton of experience, but the two talks that gave me most of the value for the time spend were:

  • REPL Driven Development - Conrad Irwin: This guy knows how to inform and also entertain, if you don’t know what is pry I strongly suggest you to check it out is an irb replacement which a lot of good stuff.
  • The Big Picture - Jim Weirich: I don’t think I have to talk a lot about what Jim can deliver in a talk, he is well known in the Ruby community.
  • Unleash the Secrets of the Standard Library with SimpleDelegator, Forwardable, and more - Jim Gay: I’ve been using those two gems for a while now, but knowing when to use it which was what I got from this talk was very insightful. The other thing that I grab from it was to dig deeper in the standard library because you never know what you will find there :-) 

The other good thing about been in a conference was meeting the people that you follow and talk daily at IRC also people who make the gem’s you use on the day to day basics. The only downside for me was not to stay in the same hotel as the conference or in a near hotel which I’m planning not to do again because I had to drive for an hour which cause me to miss some of the early talks. So there you have it, I hope to see any of you following this blog next year ;-)