To be honest I was in that exact sort of religion. But is really Github our resume? How costly could be to a company to just rely on that part of a developer. Recently I got two emails from two different companies saying that I did not have good projects on Github that show my skills. At first I thought that I needed to put more stuffs there but then again, why didn’t day talk to me about technical related stuffs? Why don’t they just ask me to solve a problem and see if I really fit or not. Github can be an entry point for knowing two things parting from your profile page, how influential you are and what was the last time you took a break from OSS work, apart from that most of the information there is just not very well organized. Also there are a bunch of people including me that just upload every single piece of code to Github just to have it as a backup and there a lot of people also that doesn’t do that. One of my friends who is a great developer doesn’t have a lot of code there and he actually can code, so some companies will miss him which will be a shame for them.

Obviously I’m talking about this because of what happens, but it’s Github just the only way to know if a person can do actual work? It’s plausible that companies keep filtering based just on that? Maybe, maybe not… for me I will judge a person when I get some pairing with them and not just by watching his Twi.. ehem Github profile.

Side Note

I won’t stop uploading everything to Github, is just the way I backup stuff.


Why Github is Not Your CV