What is this talk about?

  • There isn’t such thing as bad code
  • Code is neither good or evil, but only a place for good and evil - Caesar Marcus “Coder” Aurelius
  • Having desirable quality - Good
  • Undesirable - Bad
  • Some code is just better than other - Marc Andre
  • Moralistic values good or bad, doesn’t help us to differentiate from right or wrong
  • Assume everyone cares about end result
  • Define expected outcome
  • Evaluate solutions
  • Implement
  • Re-evaluate
  • Communicate
  • You are not paid to write good code, you’re paid to deliver good products
  • Understand why/what are you building
    • Business objectives
    • Timeline
    • Proposition value
    • Players
    • Risk factors
  • Everyone says you doing it wrong
  • Focus in the outcome while improving and learning
  • Daily iterations
  • Daily retrospectives
  • Shadow/pair with non-tech people
  • Write in another language

What I think about this talk?

This talk was mind blowing I kinda feel bad because I missed at Rubyconf in real time. I’ve been following Bryan Helmkamp’s blog and he always have great information regarding bad code and quality which is something that I’m trying to learn. There was some stuffs that catch my attention and is the way Matt Aimonetti sees code and see us as developers, I never thought about this and I think I will start to look at myself and my peers as such we are products builders and normally we are not getting pay to write the best code in the world just code that works. Now how can we have good products without good code? Well that’s a good question which I really don’t know how to do it, now you may ask what is good code? Well that’s another good question which I think as the panelist said in the talk is just subjective I’ve been following a bunch of rules in my head for a couple of years now but from time to time I just break then to see an idea happening. I think we normally are just experimenting with things and good code is the one that will always let us extending it and maintain it in an easier manner. This talk is top notch, I totally recommend it.