It’s been a long time seems I started a project by myself. For me it’s important to have something to play with a side project to keep making progress apart from whatever you do for work. That’s why I decided to start working a Rails project; just because that’s what I normally work with and I think I can keep pushing it to test others technologies around it like. Angular.JS or Emeber.JS. The project I decided to work on is a job board based on an old tutorial from the Symfony Framework Jobeet Tutorial. I did a little bit of analysis to confirm the assumptions from the developers about which feature to pick first and such and such. I’ve been taking other directions with my coding thought I won’t be using exactly the same thing as they did obviously the development stack will be different; I just picked up the user stories created a project Jobo and add some issues to follow alone. I’m using Suspenders as my default template for this app just for testing purpose. I will try to finish this project in a month just the key features that I have from there and up will be more experimentation regarding other technologies and increasing the quality of the code. I encourage anyone who wants to join me to do it. I’ll be adding a wiki page with some of the assumptions and things I do while developing Rails apps so I can share it with others and discuss not every time I will be right ;-)

Also if you don’t want to follow alone with me, you can always start your own project. Is always good to have any type of side project to keep learning and practicing. I will try to keep the progress of the projects and my findings posted on here also to have accountability of what I’m doing. Mind to share any project that you are doing a similiar thing? Please do on the comments; have a good one.