2014 was a year in which I learned and discovered a lot of things, not just in the professional realm but in the personal too.

Great blog posts I read

If cameras can’t hold police accountable in Eric Garner’s death, what can?

How iPads are making airports less terrible

How to live for a month in virtual reality

Why we teach rack in our Ruby on the Server Bootcamp

How we’ve made Phusion Passenger 5 (“Raptor”) up 4x faster than Unicorn, up to 2x faster than Puma, Torquebox

Great talks I watched

Katrina Owen - Overkill

Nell Shamrell - Test Driven Development: A Love Story

I share everything. Or do I?

Ernie Miller - Ruby after Rails

Questions for Matz

Are you lonely?

Of course I saw a ton more talks but this were the ones that I think resonate the most on me.

Papers I read

Not that much on this department; will try to read more papers for thew new year :-)

How to read a paper

Growing a language

Katas solved

I actually solved more than this, but I wasn’t tracking katas from other sources.


Books I read

This year was slow in comparison with others but I’m trying to absorb what I read.

Read on 2014

Plans for 2015

  • Read a paper each week
  • Start learning Clojure and Go
  • Read a book a week