The other day I decided to start doing something that Avdi Grimm is been doing for a long time now; pairing. I’m not doing it as a business thought just as a way for me to solidify my own knowledge and learn new things with interested people.

In my first session I did learn quite a few thing; but most of all I learned about my own way of understanding problems and explaining them to others. My pairing partner for this session have an application in which he wanted to add a role mechanism for managing administrator users and normal users; yes I know a lot of seasoned Rails developers would say “That’s easy man” and I agree but having the patience to explain the issue is another totally different challenge and even when I already did this in the past I learned some new library that I will check out like: minitest-rails-capybara

This was a great experience and I will totally try to do it again; some of the things that I need to take into account is to coordinate the problem to work on before the actual session and also beware of different development environments. I’ll see what next week brings with this new experiments.