So, this week I had another pairing session and as always it’s blows my mind the way that I need to think for better terms to explain what I’m thinking to other people. For this session me and my pairing partner were working on a library for creating coding katas challenges based on (Codewars)[] challenges, which is a great idea and probably I’ll keep contributing to the project.

Regarding the session itself we were arguing regarding how, what and why to test which gave me more insight in the way I approach a problem. We ended up doing the (String Calculator Kata)[] instead of his idea just to practice a little bit of TDD. Revisiting old challenges is a great way to acknowledge some of your deficiencies as a developer. I recommend to everyone that from time to time just go ahead and pair with someone and using old code and try to rewrite it you won’t just learn a lot technically but also about you as a person.


(Pirates)[] - Organization related to all the projects I’ll be working on for the pairing sessions.